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#WriteAPanel 56

#WriteAPanel 56

Jan 19, 2016

1st   LJ & 10,000 others (@LjmastertrollLJ)
1- You've gone too far this time Mulder.
2- Turns out the truth was in my pants!
3- Reese's Pieces are like Viagra to us.
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2nd   Townsend S. Wright (@Townsend_S_W)
1- Skinner? You owe me a 20.
2- It was an exchange of anatomical information!
3- I swear to God the gerbils were his idea!
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3rd   Rae Wray (@Thehouroftwelve)
1- A porn parody is NOT a reboot!
2- Ah, come on Gil, the pay is great!
3- The Truth is in here.
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